Thursday, 3 June 2010

Introductory video to the Complete Protection System - File Protection created!

Just a quick note we have made a help video to get you started with the Complete Protection System - File Protection!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

New version of File Protection and System Scanner released!

A new version of the Complete Protection System - File Protection has been released as has the System Scanner.

The File Protection has been updated to allow the protection of whole folders, including all sub-folders and containing documents.

While the System Scanner has been updated to include a System Shield, which gives continous protection. Furthermore its internal algorithms has been improved along with a few other new features!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Why tracking cookies are bad

What is so bad about a tracking cookie? At the end of the day it doesn't do much it just is a small text file that sits on your computer.

Also a cookie can only be used by one website, so a cookie set on can't be read or used on

However if you went on a site called which had a advert shown in a iframe or similar technology which pointed to the domain and then you went to the site which also had the same advert on it. The cookie would be able to track you across both sites thanks to the advert. Of course it doesn't have to just be an advert this could be a piece of software specifically designed to track the websites visitors surfing habits.

Many companies and others would like this organisation and I have seen posts about how it is possible to read browsers history to see what websites a user has previously visited.

Thankfully no browser (I know of) allows you to read the users browsing history. However it is possible to get the page you came from by using something like:


This is a bit of PHP that gets the page you came from. You can stop your browser giving this information and I will tell you how in another post!

But why would a company want to know your previous surfing habits, well the most common reason would be to sell to you. By seeing what you are interested in and trying to focus their business on the common trends.

Which is fair enough right? After all most major supermarkets do this with their loyalty card you get the card and get special deals and points in return, they track what you usually buy which allows them to focus their business more on their customers. So what is the difference with tracking cookies? Well the difference with loyalty cards is it is in the terms and conditions so you get to decide if you want to partake in the scheme, you get no such choice with tracking cookies which is why it is spying.

Finally I would just like to say not all cookies are bad there are genuine reasons for using them such as providing security and more.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Version One of the System Scanner is released.

The Complete Protection System is proud to announce that version one of the System Scanner has been released. This is a fantastic solution to online threats, not only detecting and removing viruses but also removing spy ware threats.

Many of the methods of detection in this software use methods that allow the software to learn what processes and executables on your system are viruses or key loggers etc. This adds a large element of adaptability to the software and doesn't rely on definitions of problems which many of our competitors use meaning you are more protected to new threats.

However our products reflect the fact that we live in a connected world so as soon as one System Scanner application detects a threat it informs all other System Scanners around the world of the problem so everyone is protected at once.